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Dentist Budapest

Save up to 70%

An Irish patient attending their dentist may need ten crowns for aesthetic purposes. The cost will be approximately €9,500 in Ireland (one crown €950).

If you choose Duna Dental in July 2020:

Ten porcelain crowns (one crown costs €250  €225)

€2 250

The return air-ticket (Dublin - Budapest)


Accomodation (5 nights in a three star hotel)


Free transfer from the Airport



€2 800

 Your save 9500 - 2800 = 6700 Euro !

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Who goes to Hungary for dental treatment?

Thousands of Austrians, Germans, Swiss, Italians, Dutch and British visit Hungary for dental treatment every year. In recent times, Hungary has become more popular with Irish patients. Hungary is one of the most advanced country in Dentistry and Medicine in general.


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