Who goes to Hungary for dental treatment?

Thousands of Austrians, Germans, Swiss, Italians, Dutch and British visit Hungary for dental treatment every year. In recent times, Hungary has become more popular with Irish patients. Hungary is one of the most advanced country in Dentistry and Medicine in general.


It is very common for people to have teeth which are not straight or often overlapping each other. People with this particular problem find it difficult or impossible to maintain clean healthy teeth. If teeth are not clean and healthy, this can cause various problems: tooth decay, acid erosion, gum disease and loss of teeth.

There are two kinds of orthodontics: Removable (12-13 years) and Permanent (13-14 years).

Due to modern technology these special orthodontic rails ("traintracks") can be placed behind the teeth so they cannot be seen. Adults can also avail of tooth-straightening treatments with special material technology.