How long will my dental treatment take?

Crowns and Bridges: 5 workdays  Implants: 2 workdays.(Dental implants require two separate visits over a period of three - four months)  Fillings, Teeth whitening: 1 workday 

Oral examination

After the first consultation we provide all the information about your teeth - including all the possible treatments, prices, etc. We describe to you the options, answer all of your questions in order to get the best results for you. Also at this stage the dentist will do a panoramic x-ray, which will give us a general review on what is to be done with your teeth. It is especcialy important to look for pathological decay of the root because this can be a source of serious internal medicine problems - inflammations, hairfalling, articular disease. Some of your teeth might be X-ray-ed individually, if needed.

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