How long will my dental treatment take?

Crowns and Bridges: 5 workdays  Implants: 2 workdays.(Dental implants require two separate visits over a period of three - four months)  Fillings, Teeth whitening: 1 workday 


The guarantee covers:

  • Fixed Restorations: 3 Years
  • Removable Restorations: 1 Year
  • Implants (implant only): 5 Years
  • Fillings: 2 Years

The guarantee does not cover:

  • cost of travel and accommodation
  • unforeseen root canal treatments that can happen anytime after dental treatment due to the trauma caused by the preparation for crowns or bridges
  • temporary restorations
  • if dental work is continued at another clinic
  • if patient has periodontal/gum disease
  • extensive weight gain or weight loss during a short period of time
  • if a denture is not used properly
  • if the patient has other illnesses or has undergone certain types of
  • treatments: diabetes, osteoporosis, chemotherapy
  • if the dentist's instructions are not followed properly
  • if oral hygiene is neglected.