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Dental implants

In fact it is an artificial root which is implanted in the place of the missing teeth. The denture which is placed on it functions the same way as if prepared for natural teeth. The material of the implant is titan in most cases.


Nowadays dental implantations are done fast and easy with local anaesthesia and ambulant treatment. The dental implants will continue to heal in the bone. This process takes 3-4 months. After this time the new plastic tooth is ready to be screwed onto the implantation. (As in the case of ordinary teeth).

No need to disturb the neighboring teeth, as opposed to the traditional replacements, where neighbouring teeth need to be chiseled. Perhaps an even more important aspect is that dental implants provide an option to complement fixed dentures in cases when traditional methods allow for replacable dentures only.

We use the following dental implants:




Who goes to Hungary for dental treatment?

Thousands of Austrians, Germans, Swiss, Italians, Dutch and British visit Hungary for dental treatment every year. In recent times, Hungary has become more popular with Irish patients. Hungary is one of the most advanced country in Dentistry and Medicine in general.


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