How much money can I save?

Approximately 60-70% of the normal dental costs in Ireland. See Fees.

Dental hygiene

It is extremely important to maintain healthy gums as this is the main factor in any dental treatment. The smallest disease in the gum can cause great difficulty for you even after successful treatment. Having bad gums can also cause other problems such as (heart disease, etc.). The first consultation with the patient involves a dental hygiene survey. We survey the state of the gum and tartar. Long term tartar damages the teeth and the gum. We remove tartar and colour stains by a special ultrasonic device. Tartar does not form on completely smooth, clean tooth surface.

ultrasonic tartar remover

Treatment of the gum is done by a disinfectant tincture. This treatment is repeated as necessary until gum inflammation is cured. Preserving restored dental hygiene is an important task. Therefore we call the attention of our patients to clean the critical areas, inform them about the methods of professional dental hygiene (dental floss, electronic toothbrush, interdentium brush, dental shower, etc.)