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Cosmetic dentistry

The main purpose of dentistry in the 21st century is to provide people with healthy teeth and the perfect smile. This can be done using different materials:

1. porcelain veneers

In this case the problems with the colour and form of the teeth can be corrected with minimal loss of own teeth. After removing the outer layer of the teeth the dentist will then place on them specially made porcelain veneer.

porcelain veneers

2. whitening

The various methods of whitening are essential in cosmetic dentistry. A nice, satisfied smile gives self-confidence and shows exhilaration and energy. During our life our teeth are chaning in colour according to our way of life (coffee, tea, red wine, smoking). Even the most popular toothpaste cannot provide you with the whiteness and shiny smile we can give you.

The whitening treatment provided at the dentist clinic however is an effective way of whitening our teeth. The whitening is done by applying a gel which bleaches or removes the colour stains on the surface of the teeth by released oxygen.

before and after whitening

The two basic methods of whitening are doing it at home or at the clinic.

- Doing it at home (takes approx. 7-10 days): the dentist provides you with a special rail which will stay on your teeth for a few minutes each day. As a result your teeth will be whiter by 2-3 shades. Monitoring what you eat is important.

- Doing it at our clinic takes approx. 90 minutes providing even whiter teeth. In this case the dentist will place a stronger whitening material on your teeth and lighten it with a special lamp. Acheiving a difference of 5-8 shades is possible.

3. teeth jewels

To have a special jewellery (small polished glass, precious stone or gold) placed on your tooth without damaging it. It is a very simple procedure where the desired item can be glued on and removed easily.



Who goes to Hungary for dental treatment?

Thousands of Austrians, Germans, Swiss, Italians, Dutch and British visit Hungary for dental treatment every year. In recent times, Hungary has become more popular with Irish patients. Hungary is one of the most advanced country in Dentistry and Medicine in general.


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