What can be done in a week?

The dentists can complete - if no complications occur - all crowns, bridges, fillings and initialimplants work. 


The main purpose of the conservation is to treat the teeth with cavity (decay) or if needed, to substitute the damaged teeth. If the decay reaches the pulp than it also involves its curing.

1. Filling

The filling can be done by light polymerisation lamps at the dental clinic. In this case the cavity caused by tooth decay is filled after cleaning and lightened by polymerisation lamp. Due to the light the applied layers harden. This method can restore the colour and form of the tooth naturally. The fillings can also be done in a dental laboratory (these are inlays), after the dentist has made an imprint about the tooth and the cavity. The inlays can be plastic, porcelain or gold. The dental prosthetist forms the inlay which is then glued to the prepared surface by the dentist. The missing part can be replaced by the dentist perfectly this way. This is also the best way to replace old amalgam fillings.

amalgam and white filling

The chance of the forming of tooth decay can be reduced by fissure sealing, which is the filling of the fissures in the grinder teeth by liquid plastic. The most important way of preventing tooth-decay is regular dental survey.

fissure sealing

2. Root canal treatment

The dead or infected root will be removed by way of surgery. When the surgery is completed the root canal will then be cleaned and sanitized and finally refilled. This type of treatment will stop the causes of pain, avoid diseases and infections. As a result your teeth will live longer.